48 Film Project 2014 Short Film Contest

48 Film Project Launches Unprecedented 2014 Short Film Contest for Chance to Shoot a Hollywood Feature Film

Budding film makers are being invited to flex their story telling muscles in a one of a kind short film competition this year with the winning team taking home the ultimate prize – the director’s seat, writer’s table and producer credit on a Hollywood feature film.

With a budget already in place for the flick, the unprecedented prize sets the 48 FILM Project apart as the hottest opportunity of 2014 for film buffs with a passion for making moves.

The utterly unique contest challenges entrants to create a compelling short film in 48 hours by working in teams. Uniting would-be filmmakers from across the globe, 48 FILM Project is consuming movie fans around the globe in bursts of creativity. Open to professional or amateur, everyone is eligible to enter at any point through the year.

In previous years, the top 15 winners have screened their shorts at the ultra glamorous, ultra prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. Last year, the top 15 winners were rewarded with a screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills.

New for 2014, 48 FILM Project will select a superstar team from the short film contest entrant’s reel to make a feature film in Hollywood and provide a budget of $48,000. This once in a lifetime prize is unique and exclusive to 48 FILM Project and will see the best producer, best director and the best writer from the 2014 entrants joining together to create a dream team of winners. The chosen few will be taken to Hollywood in 2015 for the once in a lifetime experience of shooting a feature film.

Francesco Vitali, the mastermind behind 48 Projects Inc. and executive producer of the 48 FILM Project said, “We love filmmakers! All of us in 48 FILM Project are filmmakers, writers, producers, cinematographers, directors, actors and film industry people. We are fresh, web savvy, and very artsy. We are the present and the future! The 48 FILM PROJECT is a totally unique online international short film competition. It is not unlike any other 48 hour or hours, or days, or time or festival you might know or have happened to participate in before. In 48 FILM PROJECT, we love what we do… like every filmmaker!”

But what make different 48 FILM Project from any other similar short film competitions? Chris Siametis, co- executive producer of the short film fest explained, “In 48 FILM Project, creators keep the rights to their own intellectual property.  The rights of their film belong to the creators.
It’s your film’s freedom. You choose your genre, so no surprises, and you choose when you are ready to shoot your short.

“Weekday or weekend, morning or night, from whereever in the world you are.
All you need is an Internet connection and your creativity and talent! No other online short film competition offers such a fantastic prize – it really is the ultimate dream come true for any filmmaker and any aspiring writer, producer or director. This is a once in a lifetime chance to go to Hollywood with a budget in place and shoot a feature film. We are incredibly excited about this prize, which even tops our previous Cannes film festival and Samuel Goldwyn Theatre premiers.

“Entry is open through November 15th 2014, so grab your crew and get planning your short. Our global online festival is based on creativity, energy and mobility. Be original, make your movie and win big!”

An international short film competition, 48 FILM Project challenges participants to create a complete short film in just two days and change their future in 48 hours. There is more than $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs with the top 15 films also winning a Hollywood screening.

Francesco Vitali added, “For us, everyone who completed a short film within 48 hours is already a winner. Even more important than the awards are the opportunities this competition will open up. Find your niche. You’ve known it for years, but maybe you haven’t known how to get started or how to break free from the mould. Here’s your chance to create something from the heart, something that shows your true genius, the potential within. It’s time to stop hiding and show the world what you can do with your camera! So go for it!”

48 Film Project entrants are given total freedom to choose the day and time they will compete. Its innovative take on short film content rules gives teams the chance to create their own schedule, rather than imposing a fixed date or time for filming to take place. Participants can also enter as many times as they like through the year. A global multi-cultural project, the competition is open to any budding filmmaker with access to the internet, allowing any person from any background to stake their claim to the coveted prize and grab the world’s attention with their own personal take on movie making.

To find out more and set the clock ticking on the 48 hour challenge visit https://www.48filmproject.com/

Coat Rack Cowboy (2013)

Rlstine-hp-heroA Weird Western surfaced recently in the children’s TV show R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series. “Coat Rack Cowboy” (4:04), originally broadcast November 2, 2013, featured Juan Riedinger as ghost gunslinger John ‘Mad Dog” McCoy whose spirit returns to life when his hanging tree is cut down in the present day. A shootout with the young boy of the household has unexpected results when McCoy is confronted with the consequences of his actions from over a century ago.

“The Who’s Who of Doctor Who” Book Review

WhoAuthor Cameron K. McEwan is best known for the popular fan site Blogtor Who which has been known to attract up to 80,000 visitors a day. He has put his extensive knowledge of all things Doctor Who to good use in this extensive volume documenting the various Doctors, Companions, Villains, Aliens, Monsters and Robots from the last 50 years.

Fans expecting behind-the-scenes information or profiles of the actors will need to look elsewhere as this book concentrates on the history of the fictional characters through the decades. Resembling an encyclopedia each character-villain-monster is listed together with their history on Doctor Who.

McEwan has researched his subject in great detail and written an entertaining book that serves as a “Whovian Guide” to all the major Friends, Foes, Villains. Monsters and Companions in the Doctor Who Universe. All your favorite characters are featured along with color photos and artwork by Doctor Who artist Andrew Skilleter. But McEwan has stopped short of providing sources for the reader to explore Doctor Who further. References to specific episodes (apart from a mention of the 50th Anniversary Special) within the character biographies would have been helpful.

The cyborg known as The Gunslinger

This book is aimed at those who want to dive into an alternate reality where Doctor Who and his companions travel through time and space encountering Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Reapers, The Silence and Gunslinger with Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, Leela, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith and Zoe Heriot among many others. Over 300 entries in total. For those prepared to suspend disbelief this book is for you. McEwan has managed to create a cohesive history of the Doctor Who Universe. And that is an achievement in itself.

Published by Race Point Publishing January 2, 2014. 10 x 8 inches softcover, 240 pages. $27.99.


Review copyright Weird Westerns (Paul Green) 2013.

Undead In The West II – Book Review

41f6kD7xfsLI may have a personal bias in favor of this book due to the fact I was asked to contribute an essay by co-editor Cynthia J. Miller. But after reading this volume no bias is required to recommend it to all Weird Western fans. My essay concentrates on the Weird Western comic books of the 1950s from Ghost Rider to Masked Rider to Straight Arrow and beyond – including Spurs Jackson and his Space Vigilantes tracking Adolf Hitler and his fellow Nazis to Mars!

An essay by Jeffrey Shanks and Mark Finn that I found particularly interesting chronicles the Weird Western stories and influences of author Robert E. Howard including his best known story “Horror From The Mound.” Other essays of note (from my personal viewpoint) are “On Death’s Horizon” by Courtney Fellion where she explores the relationship between landscape, death and spirits in Western art and cinema. Her intelligent and thoughtful essay contrasts dislocated Western characters who “traverse the boundaries of civilization and wilderness as well as life and death.” The films Dead Man (1995) and High Plains Drifter (1973) and their undead heroes serve as examples of “surreal ghost stories that raise more questions than answers.”

In his essay “Unsettled: Ghosts, Zombies and Indians in the American West” C. Richard King admits he hates zombies but acknowledges their cultural importance. Noting that the zombie culture was formed in Haiti against a backdrop of colonization, slavery and racism King views the popularity of the ‘Undead’ American Indian as an expression of repressed racial anxiety and collective guilt. Jeffrey A. Sartain also covers zombie territory in his essay about Robert Kirkman’s  The Walking Dead and classifies it as “a modern zombie Western.”

Other essays cover the subjects of Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider, Deadlands RPG, Darkwatch, Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, Joe R. Lansdale, Rot and Ruin, Preacher, Priest, Red Dead Redemption-Undead Nightmare, Mi-Woo Hyung, The Missing, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and Fan Fiction.

Published by Scarecrow Press Inc. 2013. Review copyright Paul Green (Weird Westerns) 2013.

Terminator Vault by Ian Nathan Book Review

Terminator Vault Cover - Web ResJames Cameron, a struggling director recently fired from Piranha II was searching for new ideas from his modest, dreary apartment in Rome, Italy. His depressed state of mind found an outlet in an idea about alienation and “how we become inhuman, how society and technology can dehumanize.” The Terminator was born in those moments of personal despair and frustration for Cameron.

Ian Nathan’s impressive new book Terminator Vault details the development and production of The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) with interviews, concept drawings, storyboards, scripts, behind-the-scenes special effects and 170 color photographs. We learn how Cameron sold the film rights to The Terminator for $1 with the understanding he would direct the film. How first choice for the lead role was Cameron’s close friend Lance Henriksen with O.J. Simpson not far behind (although Cameron firmly rejected the studio’s mention of Simpson). Upon meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameron knew he had his T-800 and the original concept of “a lean, mean infiltrator” as envisioned in Henriksen’s original depiction would be transformed into “a killing machine with an endoskeleton”.

We also learn that Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rosanna Arquette were the top choices for Sarah Connor until Linda Hamilton secured the role. A role partly inspired by Cameron’s former girlfriend, Sharon Williams, who worked as a waitress at ‘Bob’s Big Boy’. HamiltonThe major success of The Terminator attracted the detractors and those marking territory. When author Harlan Ellison filed a lawsuit claiming similarities to his published and filmed work on The Outer Limits television series Orion and Hemdale capitulated. Cameron was left to boil while a gag order stayed in effect. When it was finally lifted he called Ellison “a parasite who can kiss my ass.”

Nathan’s book includes many personal viewpoints of interest from the backstory of those involved in the films. A must-have for any Terminator fan as the 30th Anniversary of the franchise approaches . Highly recommended.

Terminator Vault:
The Complete Story Behind the Making of the Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day
By Ian Nathan
Publication Date: October 15, 2013
ISBN: 9780760344767
Hardcover with Slipcase
176 pages with 170 color photos
$40.00 US | $44.00 CAN

“Law of the Desert Born” Louis L’Amour Graphic Novel Preview

51FC-eqFpULWhen rancher Tom Forrester tells his foreman Shad Marone to pay a fellow rancher a visit for cutting off access to the Pecos River violence quickly escalates. Marone soon finds himself a fugitive from the law and a pursuing posse. Half Mexican-half Apache Jesus Lopez leads the chase across the Jornada del Muerto desert landscape as he pursues Marone on his own personal quest. Law-of-Desert-036bA4

Beau L’Amour and Kathy Nolan’s story is loosely based on the Louis L’Amour original 1945 story and adapted for graphic novel format by Charles Santino. The accomplished black-and-white half-tone artwork by Thomas Yeates effectively captures the mood of the story. Yeates is known for his work on Prince Valiant and the excellent figure work and layout demonstrates his mastery of the form.

Beau L’Amour has done an effective job in helping transfer his father’s story to the graphic novel format but acknowledges the task hasn’t been an easy one and credits fellow writer Katherine Nolan’s creative energy and dogged determination for making “all this possible.” Reflecting on his father Louis L’Amour, Beau states, “His life inspired the entire approach to the retelling of this story because he taught me much of what I know and influenced my vision of western characters and history.”

Published by Bantam (October 8, 2013), 160 pages; hardcover.

Review copyright Paul Green (Weird Westerns) 2013.

Anomaly – 370 Page Full-Color Original Graphic Novel with 3D Interactivity

AA151_152Anomaly is a major step forward for the graphic novel. The 370-page hardcover science-fiction adventure is  the longest full-color, original graphic novel ever published and the heaviest at 6.4 pounds. When I received my review copy I was simply amazed at the quality of the large format 15 x 10 inch book. The hardcover book has been printed using a groundbreaking wide-gamut process that allows for more range of color and detail than is available in conventional printing.  You will be impressed before you actually read the graphic novel. But this concept doesn’t stop at the book. It is also available as a stand-alone tablet app narrated by some of the best-known actors in science fiction and video games. In addition to the stand-alone tablet app. Anomaly introduces Ultimate Augmented Reality™. Readers can download a free Anomaly app for iOS and Android equipped with Ultimate Augmented Reality™ technology featuring more than 50 fully 3D models. Just point your iOS or Android device at the page of the hardcover book and the illustrations spring to life in 3D animation and interactivity.  A cast of 15 actors lend their voice talents to bring over 90 speaking roles to life.

AA02The story takes place in 2717 on a dying Earth. With resources depleted humans now live in “Terrarium Cities”, off world colonies or orbiting space stations.  Earth is ruled by THE CONGLOMERATE, a ruthless merging of corporations, nations and technologies whose Enforcer Battalions now conquer planets.

Dishonorably discharged from the Conglomerate’s elite Enforcer Corps, Jon leaps at the chance to go on a peaceful, first contact mission to an untainted world. Playing armed babysitter to Samantha, the daughter of a powerful Conglomerate executive shouldn’t be too hard. What could go wrong?

For Jon, it’s a relief to get away – on an easy assignment protecting a couple of do-gooders visiting a peaceful new planet. For Samantha, it’s a mission to change the world. For Jasson, it’s a chance to put his theories to the test.Being marooned on Anomaly where technology doesn’t work, the terrain is lethal and the creatures even more so, Jon quickly learns he’s not the man he once was. Dark secrets surround the various species that call this world home. Jon’s actions here have the potential to ripple across the void of space, and touch everything in it… Maybe even the Conglomerate…

AA001But when Anomaly sprouts synthetics-eating viruses, flesh-eating mutants and deadly magic, it becomes a race against which form of death will come first. Who will survive? Who will return?

The artwork by Brian Haberlin (Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Spawn and Image Comics) is stunning in places, specifically the depiction of aliens and the landscape of Anomaly. The story by fantasy author, Skip Brittenham offers comparisons to tales of the Old West frontier and encountering hostile natives in a new land. Highly recommended and worth the price.

By Skip Brittenham & Brian Haberlin
ISBN: 0985334207; Pages: 370; Price: $75.00
Review copyright Paul Green (Weird Westerns) 2013

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