The Sixth Gun-Deadlands RPG- Comic Book


The Kickstarter campaign has unlocked the seventh stretch goal for a Tall Tale of the Sixth Gun—including new original comic material from Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt!

$54,000 Stretch Goal: Fractured Frontiers Adventure

Two halves of a powerful relic, separated and dropped into parallel realities…

One, a world teetering on the edge of oblivion as six mystical guns are fated to be drawn together to rewrite reality itself…

The other, a world trapped in a waking nightmare where forces from beyond spread terror across the west—with the goal of remaking the world in the image of the Deadlands.

Now, a chosen few must cross over into the spirit realm that lies between worlds to heal the relic before the evils that dwell on either side unite and become one!

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“The Devil In Snakeskins” novella by Andy Henion

Just front coverIn a post-apocalyptic future, the world has reverted to a lawless Wild West existence where life is below cut-rate, books are used for target practice, and a contemptuous character known as the professor dissects human abominations for his medical curiosity then scatters the remains for his hog-beasts to devour. But this harmonious life can’t last forever …

Published May 20, 2015 by BEAT to a PULP books. Available from Amazon – The Devil in Snakeskins

The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter campaign


From —Pinnacle—and Oni Press: The Sixth Gun Savage Worlds RPG! This project will be funded on Thu, Jun 25 2015 10:00 PM EDT.

Pig Iron by David James Keaton

Pig Iron CoverPig Iron by David James Keaton is a risible struggle between love and subversion of the western genre. The novel takes place in the desert town of Aqua Fría after the wells have run dry, where townsfolk drink whiskey instead of water, priming their bodies, as well as their situation, for combustion. A mysterious Arizona ranger has come to this dying town to face a childhood nemesis and rescue his sister, armed with only a defective gun that his father gave him to “make him tougher.” Myths are exploded, horses are treated with little respect, and villains and heroes sweat booze as their time runs out. They have only three days in Aqua Fría before they die of dehydration. Three days to search for illusive treasure, right perceived wrongs, and battle murderous hallucinations, before everything ignites. The novel also contains an original song, as well as a hilarious glossary of western terminology, real and imagined. It’s like Deadwood meets A Clockwork Orange, with a shot of “wry.”

J. David Osborne, author of Low Down Death Right Easy called the novel “Ungodly fun.”Pig Iron was published by Burnt Bridge Books on June 19th, 2015. It is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as on Amazon Kindle.

Red Junction by Kile J. Norby

REDJUNCTIONCOVERRed Junction is a new Weird Western from author Kile J. Norby.

Set in the Colorado High Country during the Gold Rush of the 1850s, it spins a tale of cowboys and Indians who dug for the Color but found more than they bargained for. A zombie apocalypse from simpler times, before the advent of Twitter and machine-guns.

“The souls in Red Junction were lost long before they returned from the dead with the want for human meat. It is a town run by fear and built upon greed. Let me tell you: the Marshal has a secret which might kill us all. The Doctor prescribes ether for everything. The bordello never ceases in its throbbing and the coffin-maker never gets a break. The mission is closed. I’m hanging up my cloth and riding out. I’ll hear no more confessions. When the Damned shamble in from the hills to et the flesh of this despicable citizenry, count me among them who’ll say, ‘Good fucking riddance’.” — Carlos Trinidad, ex-padre
Available from Amazon Kindle.

Mecha West Six Guns and Steam – Kickstarter campaign


A message from author Ed Erdelac: “For two years or so now my writing partner Jeff Carter and I, along with veteran game designer Wayne Humfleet and creators Chris Perrin and Mark Reed have been developing a weird western sourcebook for a little game publisher called Heroic Journey Publishing’s anime-inspired giant robot combat RPG, Mecha. We’ve currently got a Kickstarter running with twenty four days to go (as of March 18, 2015) to complete the layout and obtain art to compliment the book.”

Description: “The RPG of Mecha steam engines! Smoke stacks! Shoulder mounted cannons and cavalry sabers bigger than barns!  Mecha West is a complete alternate history of gunslingers, lawmen and engineers as well as tribal nations and fighters of every color and creed. This rich foundation of history allows you to play scenarios ranging from high noon shoot outs and bank robberies to battles with transforming trains, clockwork dragons and town eating robots.

Mecha West is the brain child of acclaimed authors Ed Erdelac and Jeff C. Carter. They approached us shortly after Mecha was released with this odd ball idea of combining the Weird Old West with Giant Fighting Mecha. This is such an obviously great idea we got to work on it. Mecha West is a stand alone addition to your Mecha gaming library. Using the Mecha Core rules, written by Chris Perrin, Ed, Jeff and the HJP Team of Wayne Humfleet and Chris Perrin modified and wrapped the OCF! system around the loving embrace of this wonderful setting, which currently is clocking in at over 65,000 words.”

Mecha West Kickstarter Site.

Silver Bullets – Weird Western Novella by Laird Ryan States

Silver Bullets“Arise-Ye-Sons-Of-Israel Parker began life as a sensitive Quaker boy but came to manhood as Harry Parker; a killer, a thief, a reluctant poet and a drunken town Marshall.   One summer night, drinking alone in the town saloon long after closing, he is approached by a mysterious traveler, Mr. Dorian Gray. After the two talk over a drink, Harry is persuaded to share one of his poems. Gray shares something much more peculiar.

When the sun rises, Mr. Gray is gone, and Harry’s death has gone with him. He finds himself unkillable and feeling completely detached from the world. Indian Charley fell to earth, cradled inside a stone from the sky.  Raised by the Cree, he soon discovered he was not the same as other men.  Set apart, he wandered alone for over a hundred summers until the day he met Harry Parker.

In 1882, the two men meet, forging a friendship that will last to the modern day. They also find themselves very much at odds with a sect of immortal religious zealots who offer the undying membership or a very real eternal torment—permanent crucifixion and isolation. And thereby hangs a tale.”

Published January 2015 by The ASP (an independent collection of self-published authors). Available on Amazon Kindle.