“The Who’s Who of Doctor Who” Book Review

WhoAuthor Cameron K. McEwan is best known for the popular fan site Blogtor Who which has been known to attract up to 80,000 visitors a day. He has put his extensive knowledge of all things Doctor Who to good use in this extensive volume documenting the various Doctors, Companions, Villains, Aliens, Monsters and Robots from the last 50 years.

Fans expecting behind-the-scenes information or profiles of the actors will need to look elsewhere as this book concentrates on the history of the fictional characters through the decades. Resembling an encyclopedia each character-villain-monster is listed together with their history on Doctor Who.

McEwan has researched his subject in great detail and written an entertaining book that serves as a “Whovian Guide” to all the major Friends, Foes, Villains. Monsters and Companions in the Doctor Who Universe. All your favorite characters are featured along with color photos and artwork by Doctor Who artist Andrew Skilleter. But McEwan has stopped short of providing sources for the reader to explore Doctor Who further. References to specific episodes (apart from a mention of the 50th Anniversary Special) within the character biographies would have been helpful.


The cyborg known as The Gunslinger

This book is aimed at those who want to dive into an alternate reality where Doctor Who and his companions travel through time and space encountering Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Reapers, The Silence and Gunslinger with Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, Leela, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith and Zoe Heriot among many others. Over 300 entries in total. For those prepared to suspend disbelief this book is for you. McEwan has managed to create a cohesive history of the Doctor Who Universe. And that is an achievement in itself.

Published by Race Point Publishing January 2, 2014. 10 x 8 inches softcover, 240 pages. $27.99.


Review copyright Weird Westerns (Paul Green) 2013.

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